The Professional Gardeners’ Trust offers awards named after significant donors and from its general funds.  The Trust selects the most appropriate award for the applicant.  TO APPLY PLEASE SEE APPLY PAGE

Between them, the awards cover trainings for gardeners at all stages of their careers, acquiring new skills and developing their horticultural knowledge and experience (Continued Professional Development).  Self employed gardeners and employed gardeners are eligible.  All applicants must demonstrate a commitment to horticulture as their professional career.


The following four named awards have special uses:

1. The Royal Botanical and Horticultural Society of Manchester and the Northern Counties Award.
A donation from the Royal Botanical and Horticultural Society of Manchester and the Northern Counties
is to be used exclusively to assist northern based projects.Gardeners working in the north of England are eligible for this award.


Hannah Bird received an award to study the RHS Level 2 Diploma in Principles and Practices of Horticulture





2. The Finnis Scott Award is used to support professional gardeners experience the working environment of another garden for a short time.  The objective is to develop existing skills or learn new skills which will benefit both the gardener and their workplace/s. 

It is also available for gardeners who have recently made a career change into horticulture and are now committed professional gardeners.  It can be used for training courses and learning experiences appropriate to this stage of the gardener’s career.



Tamar Kendal received an award for a work placement at Chelsea Physic Garden





3. Kenwyn Pearson Award
The Professional Gardeners’ Guild funds an annual award known as the Kenwyn Pearson Award named after the Trust’s first Honorary Secretary who did so much to establish the Trust and is awarded to gardeners who are members of the PGG.



Jane Armstrong received an award to attend The Walled Kitchen Garden Network Forum




4. The Birkbeck Garden History Gorup (BGHG) Award

THe BGHG Award is available to professional gardeners wishing to broaden their knowledge of garden history by attending lectures, conferences, courses and study days.  A deeper understanding of the history of the garden is which the applicant might work and how to conduct research into previous generations of design and planting are valuable qualifications.   Birkbeck Garden History Group



The following major awards are for general educational and training purposes:

1. The Lironi award is funded by Perennial from its Lironi Training Fund.  The grants administered on behalf of Perennial by the Professional Gardeners’ Trust are for working gardeners and trainees, and those who have recently completed a recognised training or academic course in horticulture and who are starting horticutural work.



Ed Bowring received a Lironi award for his PA1 and PA6 Pesticide Spraying training




2. The National Garden Scheme – substantial funding from the NGS Open Gardens Scheme has enabled the PG Trust to significantly expand its training programmme.


Dylan Collingham received an award for his NPTC Chainsaw – Crosscutting and Maintenance Course





3. The Worshipful Company of Gardeners has made an annually recurring grant. This is available for a wide variety of training.


Claire Kohlis received an award to undertake a 2 day course at Thrive in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture




4. The Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust has made a donation which is available for a wide variety of training.

The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust


Hilary Shedel received an award to undertake City and Guilds Level 2 training in Compact Tractor Driving and Releted Operations