Professional Gardeners Guild Award for Pesticide Application Qualification

I applied to the Professional Gardeners Guild (PGG) Trust and was fortunate enough to be awarded the full amount of £450 for PA1/ PA6A course. The money awarded to me meant a great deal as it has enabled me to undertake the sought after pesticide qualification. The absence of the qualification I felt was hindering my CV as many Horticultural jobs request it.  I could not afford to undertake this qualification at the time as I was working on a temp basis as a Horticulturalist in London and about to undertake the Leonardo da Vinci Graduate Scheme in a Gran Canaria Botanic Garden for three months.

Pesticide Application Course Practical

Whilst on the course it was advised we also take the NPTC Pesticide Application in or near water PA6AW at the same time for an extra £20 which was not advertised on their website when applying for the award. However I knew this would be give the PA6A more weight and use so I undertook it.

I would like to thank the PGG for their award as it has benefited me tremendously, paying for the necessary qualification in Horticulture continuing my professional development. I hope to one day be able to pay back the Trust in gaining a successful and well earned career in Horticulture. Eventually I would like to contribute to the good work of the Trust by helping to continue achieving their aims in giving the opportunity for Horticulturalist to build on their current skills and gain qualifications.

Katie Sarll 31/08/2012