PG Trust Report, James Miller

Firstly, I would like to thank the PG Trust for awarding me a bursary of £177.50. The money paid for half of a PA1 and PA6 Certificate. The other half was funded by my employer, the National Trust.  The course was attended at Askam Bryan College, York. The training was informative, intensive, but also rewarding, because of its practical application.

I am currently on a one year, Historic and Botanic Garden Bursary Scheme Placement at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens. Here, spraying (Roundup Pro-Biactive) is mainly used for suppressing weeds on our gravel paths.  My new qualification has already proved to be exceptionally useful whilst on my placement. Weed control is an important part of any professional garden. Therefore this certification is undoubtedly, a crucial skill for my future gardening career.  

A knapsack sprayer can be used to tackle some of the most pernicious weed species we come across in our gardens. However, thankfully at Beningbrough I won’t be tackling the likes of Japanese knot weed (Fallopia japonica), an extremely invasive alien species. However, I will be attempting to keep some native weeds, which readily colonize our paths, in cheque. These include the attractive but troublesome pineapple mayweed (Matricaria discoidea), annual meadow grass (Poa annua), and various fescues. Ivey leaf toad flax (Cymbalaria muralis), which was originally introduced to Britain as an ornamental, will also be dispatched from between any flag stone, which it lurks.

Once again many thanks to the PGG Trust who made this training possible.