The Professional Gardeners’ Trust (PGT) was established in 2004 to fund training and study for working gardeners, who could not otherwise afford it, in the UK and Ireland.

The PGT provides gardeners with the opportunity to acquire skills and gain qualifications, This enhances their careers and benefits the horticulture profession as a whole. 

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We are currently seeking a web manager to update and maintain our website as well as managing our social media presence across platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.
The role is part-time, home-based and is split into two main parts : Website redesign and social media and website maintenance. Application by CV and covering letter to the Chair.
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  • The PGT helps fund gardeners who want to increase their knowledge and skills through study. 
  • We make awards towards those who are struggling to fund their training, whether it is a Royal Horticultural Society course, a practical certificate or a more specialist qualification.

For more information see our TRAINING PAGE


  • Our awards are available for all working gardeners resident in the UK and Ireland, who wish to develop their skills and knowledge, but are limited by their financial situation. The awards are not restricted by age or qualification. 
  • The application process is straightforward and we respond within a few weeks. 

To apply for an award see our APPLY PAGE



  • The PGT is funded by donations from trusts, organisations, and private individuals. a

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